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We created ARMATURE Fabric™ to make it easier for organizations to manage and monitor the impact of their governance, risk, and compliance programs. For some customers this means streamlining their data collection methods and processes. For others, it means moving them from paper, email, and spreadsheets, to an automated system. In some cases, it helps customers reduce the number of software applications they are using to conduct their risk and compliance activities.

Accreditation of Organizations Simplified

For organizations in the health and social services sector, the accreditation process can be resource intensive, cumbersome and difficult to manage. We understand that due to the current pandemic, organizations may be facing staffing shortages and high turnover, which can result in a loss of data, expertise and knowledge at both the personal and organization-wide level.

Our goal is to simplify the accreditation process, through automation, and make it more effective and efficient. ARMATURE Fabric, developed by ARMATURE Solutions Corporation and offered by CLOUDSOFT Solutions, is an accreditation management software solution that improves the performance of the accreditation process by bringing all your activities and documents together on a single platform. It allows you to conduct all your activities through a user-friendly interface.

Here's what you can expect with ARMATURE Fabric:

A single source of truth

Engage all stakeholders and manage all your accreditation activities in one place.

Empower your staff

Improve staff performance with task management and productivity tools that tell each participant what they are assigned to, what steps they need to complete, and when and how much they need to do.

Save up to 50% of resources through automation

Enable your staff to do more with less, consolidate the software and systems you use, and make the certification process more efficient.

Manage your knowledge base

Access current data and documents, and view those from previous accreditations.

Integrate with other critical systems

Interact with other systems used by your organization, such as your Electronic Document Management (EDM) system, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Teams.

Support your digital transformation goals

Automate your accreditation management processes by leveraging secure, cloud-based software from CLOUDSOFT and ARMATURE.

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Leverage the self-service features of our accreditation software to directly engage executives, staff, physicians, and accreditation surveyors. Easily communicate status updates, assign and track activities, and collect and organize evidence of accreditation.

Accreditation cycle management

Enable your staff to easily navigate and manage the myriad of activities in the accreditation process, and track and report on recommendations. View upcoming and overdue activities while your team manages its workload through configurable online portals.

Issue management

ARMATURE Fabric is compatible with the Accreditation Canada process. You'll be able to assign activities and issues arising from those activities to the appropriate departments quickly, easily and efficiently. Leverage documents, audits, mock visits, surveys, communications, improvement plans, and more to give your users a single place to manage all their information. Identify, manage and correct issues with integrated tracking.

Manage improvement plans, audits and forms

Draw from our library of existing templates or create and manage your own improvement plans, audits and data collection forms. Take advantage of advanced features such as calculations, branching, and autocomplete to digitally transform your data collection methods.

Intelligent workflow management

Quickly model and deploy intelligent workflows that meet your accreditation and other process needs (e.g., managing licenses, practice rights, and training records). Assign workflow elements to all stakeholders.

Document management

Use ARMATURE Fabric to seamlessly capture and organize documents throughout the application. Easily find evidence and content, using metadata and advanced search capabilities. Control documents with configurable workflows. Integrate seamlessly with your current Electronic Document Management system where applicable.

Report and dashboard management

Produce reports and dashboards from data collected from audits, forms and surveys.

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