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We created ARMATURE Fabric™ to make it easier for organizations to manage and monitor the impact of their governance, risk, and compliance programs. For some customers this means streamlining their data collection methods and processes. For others, it means moving them from paper, email, and spreadsheets, to an automated system. In some cases, it helps customers reduce the number of software applications they are using to conduct their risk and compliance activities.

Cloud-based Solutions for Certification Management

Tracking and managing professional, organizational, and product certifications can consume significant time and resources without the right tools in place. While many certification bodies continue to rely on paper and spreadsheets, others have made the leap to implementing intuitive software that facilitates the entire certification process.

ARMATURE Fabric, developed by ARMATURE Solutions Corporation and delivered by CLOUDSOFT Solutions, automates your certification activities in a single platform enabling you to capture all data and documents in one place, manage your certification workflows, and ensure you optimize your certification and re-certification rates.

You’ll be able to leverage built-in functionality to support complex certifications allowing you to process organizations, sites, products, equipment, and personnel quickly and effectively. You can also access a client’s full certification history easily, including all of their associated information and activities.

Here's what you can expect with ARMATURE Fabric:

Full lifecycle visibility

Leverage activity-based certification workflows to ensure total visibility and accountability.

Streamline your processes to save time and resources

Automate your organization, personnel, product, and equipment certification processes in one place to reduce your level of effort and investment.

Integrate learning and development

Integrate professional development, learning, and assessments to make a complete experience for certificants.

Grow your enrollment base

Monitor enrollment trends and invest more time in growing your certification program.

Maximize your re-certification rates

Create workflows that ensure your re-certification rates are optimized.

Optimize data accessibility and integrity

Ensure your data and documents are accessible in real time. Minimize the risk of data loss, and keep your data clean (e.g. effectively manage duplicate entries).

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Application Lifecycle Management

Configure applications and workflows to meet your organization’s needs. Collect and organize documents and evidence, and track activities from initial engagement through to certification decision.

Product, Personnel, and Organization/Site Certification

Leverage built-in functionality to support complex certifications allowing you to process organizations, sites, products, equipment, and personnel. Easily explore a client’s full certification history and all their associated information and activities.

Certification Records Management

Capture, track, and monitor all of your customer certifications, documentation, and process activities in one place. Proactively manage renewals, extensions, and suspensions. Track enrollment trends and drive renewals and new program enrollment.

Integrated Data Collection

Seamlessly integrate forms, audits, assessments, exams and document submissions. Quickly build and provision the data collection instruments and workflows you need to ensure all your constituent data is up to date.

CPD/CE Tracking

Keep track of continuing professional development and continuing education credits directly within ARMATURE Fabric. Quickly identify gaps/deficiencies and initiate workflows and communications to key constituents.


Leverage self-service features to directly engage people, institutions, product managers, reviewers, and volunteers. Easily communicate status updates, remediate issues and deficiencies, assign and track activities, and collect and organize certification documents and evidence.

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